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Who is sumner redstone dating

Richard was wearing a diamond ring so Howard asked him what was up with that.Richard said it was his mother's ring and he had it split up between his siblings.Gary told Howard it's been 10 years since they last saw him. He said he had seen Artie on MAD TV so he was a fan. He also said that he now smells like him since he was so perfumed up. He mentioned that Richard is the guy who came up with the name for his youngest daughter Ashley and he's never met her.He asked Howard for another hug before he sat down and talked to him. Richard said that he has never not been Howard's friend, but he hasn't been on the show in 10 years. Richard said Gary came up to him and asked him to come in so he agreed to do that. Richard said his whole life is his career and he's never found a woman. Howard said that he used to watch Liberace being asked why he never settled down with a woman...He had a questionnaire that he's handing out to take down to Washington DC to get mandatory PE classes back in the schools.Howard said he always hated PE classes when he was in school.

Richard told Artie he shouldn't be eating more than 2000 to 2200 calories a day.Howard said it has been too long since they last saw Richard.He asked him if was the same shorts he's been wearing all these years.He said he was tortured when he was in those classes.Richard said he doesn't want to make kids play sports, he wants to get aerobic instructors into the schools instead.Richard didn't know why Howard had to go to Artie's weight and humiliate him on the air.Richard told Artie to pick up his can of soda and read off the calories on that can.Richard came back and said that he will give Artie his help if he really wants it.Howard said that Richard is probably the best motivator he's ever met and he really does help people.Howard told Richard that he's always considered Richard to be his oldest daughter. He said he got too close to Howard and things didn't go well and it was almost like a divorce. Richard asked Gary why this was happening within 5 minutes of him entering the studio.Howard asked Richard want went wrong with their friendship. Howard stopped with that line of questioning and brought up Artie's weight.


  1. Monday, November 13, 2006 --Howard's Tribute To Ed Bradley. 11/13/06. am Show opening bits and songs included Orson Wells recording session outtakes, ''The.

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