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Actress Gabrielle Union explained why she is still childless after marrying NBA star Dwyane Wade, 35.

The 44-year-old actress says she has struggled to fall pregnant by her husband of the past three years.

Genuine and perceptive, Union bravely lays herself bare, uncovering a complex and courageous life of self-doubt and self-discovery with incredible poise and brutal honesty.

Throughout, she compels us to be ethical and empathetic, and reminds us of the importance of confidence, self-awareness, and the power of sharing truth, laughter, and support.

When you feel like there’s something weighing down on you and you feel like you have to please them or please everybody else. @queenlatifah Big thank you to Revolt for trusting me and @quincy to host.

Being in the public eye in a relationship can get tough too which is why we’re pretty low key but a lot of opinions can come into play and that’s pressure within itself, so you really have to keep that out.

Union shines a light on issues of race in America and the difficulties young black women face in Hollywood; in an essay on raising boys (two from her basketball star husband Dwayne Wade’s previous marriage as well as his nephew), Union explores the daunting responsibility of parenting in a culture dangerous to black youths.

Union tackles a range of experiences, including bullying, beauty standards, and competition between women in Hollywood, growing up in white California suburbia and then spending summers with her black relatives in Nebraska, coping with crushes, puberty, and the divorce of her parents.actress Gabrielle Union shook the world with a vulnerable and impassioned editorial in which she urged our society to have compassion for victims of sexual violence.In the wake of rape allegations made against director and actor Nate Parker, Union—a forty-four-year-old actress who launched her career with roles in iconic ’90s movies—instantly became the insightful, outspoken actress that Hollywood has been desperately awaiting.JACKSONVILLE, Alabama – American actress Gabrielle Union takes part in ceasing domestic and sexual abuse crises alongside raising effective breast cancer awareness across the globe.On April 5, 2006, Gabrielle Union detailed for the first time her victimizing experience with rape crime during a public hearing with congressional powers of Capitol Hill in Washington, D. Union recalled that a couple weeks prior to the assault, she was strangely nestling her attention on an Oprah Winfrey television special that featured advice on what to do if you are a victim of a violent crime.Union’s no-holds-barred essays and intimate voice will appeal to her fans as well as those less familiar with her work. ” She said she had no idea she was being so petty in her head when they met, but she took it positively.You’re busy, they’re busy so that helps and I know people think that it may be a thing like we don’t get to talk as much or there’s no time but it helps because we’re young, we’re living our lives. The number one thing that’s been important to me not having any pressure, there’s no pressure on it things go a lot smoother. star plays a TV character — an upwardly mobile news anchor — who also struggles to conceive a baby in her mid 40s.Wade’s infidelities — including siring a son with a groupie — didn’t dampen Union’s love for him.


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