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Who is aaron eckhart dating now

” Sources have now confirmed to PEOPLE that the two are in fact a couple and have been quietly dating for a few weeks.

Matt Bomer and Derek Hough are making sure that they don’t end up doing all their holiday shopping last minute this year The actors were just two of the hot famous guys spotted getting some shopping done at The Grove on Friday (December 9) in Los Angeles.

It looks like he’s getting everything off his holiday list on time!

Aaron Eckhart has a jaw so square it’s almost cartoon handsome. He is lean, athletic and wearing a navy suit that was handmade in Italy. In Thank You For Not Smoking he was glaringly amoral as a lobbyist defending the rights of smokers with a smile that he says was inspired by Tony Blair.

So, he changed course completely, ditched the beans and consumed lots of pepperoni pizza.‘When you’re able to throw it off at the end of the film it felt good.’ Does he mean it was like a grief workout? You talk to people going through grief when you are in rehearsals. When I came home he was wagging his tail and looked great.You have to dwell on those feelings and nurture them. There’s no doubt in my mind he waited to say goodbye.’ His voice thickens in his throat. ‘I still have all the leashes displayed prominently,’ he says. ‘Hopefully I will have kids one day.’ Maybe he could just get another dog? I’d like a harem of dogs, wiener dogs all the way up to great danes.If two people have lost their child you are not two as one any more, and there’s the question of physical intimacy: are we going to have more children? ‘There are definite stages of grief, but no chronology. It can be 5, 4, 2, all mixed up and unpredictable like the English weather. His most recent girlfriend was the actress Molly Sims.One minute despair, then sunshine, then you’re levelled off.’ Did he have personal experience of loss on which to draw? That was on and off for 18 months, and finally off at the end of last year. And if so, might that explain why she doesn’t exist? ‘I believe if you contextualise something then it will manifest in your life. It absolutely works and it’s not hocus-pocus.’ Perhaps it works better with inanimate objects and jobs.“The accent, for me, was terrifying in the sense that you have a Staten Island broken-nosed boxer guy from the streets.He has a higher register, which I really tried to get,” Eckhart told The Huffington Post’s Lauren Moraski.As Twoface, Batman’s foe in The Dark Knight, he made you feel sick just looking at him.When he played opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in Possession and Catherine Zeta-Jones in No Reservations, tabloids had them linked in real life. He’s just good, incredibly good, at acting intimacy.The film is about the effect of such a terrible loss on a relationship.Both performances are finely tuned and complex studies in rage and guilt, but they also manage to be funny, and are rightly tipped for awards.


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