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Validating wireless protocol conformance test cases

This market-leading test platform includes test packages for LTE protocol conformance and carrier acceptance covering multiple North American and Asian operators.

RAN5 verification paves the way for protocol test validations and the inclusion of this technology in GCF and PTCRB certification.

7 layers has years of experience in validating and employing wireless test & measurement equipment from a large variety of manufacturers.

“We have already had in-house experience with the LTE technology and the validation of test cases, and were pleased to use this knowledge for the validation of LTE protocol test cases with the Agilent portfolio”, explains Mohamed El-Fikri, validation specialist at 7 layers.

View datasheet → Download white paper → New automotive network implementations have to meet the challenges of latency, Qo S, conformance, availability, and synchronization. If implemented correctly, the TSN extension of Ethernet promises the performance and reliability that time- and safety-critical automotive applications require.

Download playbook → As autonomous driving and connected car become a reality, there will be significant growth in the importance of Ethernet networking in vehicles.


  1. LTE Signaling Conformance Test Cases for. Conformance Test and E6621A PXT Wireless. for the validation of LTE protocol test cases with.

  2. Complete validation of DUT w.r.t protocol conformance. Case Studies 2 Wireless Security 802.11e. This framework enables Test automation of the Wireless.

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