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Validating iframes Adult girls online in phx live cams

It may have been used at one point, perhaps by older versions of IE, but it looks like it's time to not allow that anymore so I've removed support for this going forward.

The correct attribute to use is "frameborder" (but see below).

Each widget that you embed – every ad, every social media widget – is a potential attack vector for those with malicious intent: Content Security Policy (CSP) can mitigate the risks associated with both of these types of content by giving you the ability to whitelist specifically trusted sources of script and other content.

As we found out before, the code some larger companies provide, don't always provide a code that is html/xhtml valid. found out that the code problem gave, was basically just that all "&" in the code had to be changed to the correct "&".

This time it's who provide a code that's not html/xhtml valid.

It looks like that is what was given to you but it changed to "border" somehow.

Another issue: "frameborder" is not allowed in HTML5.


  1. Jan 8, 2013. If you're using XTHML declaration, and you want your page to validate with no errors you can simply remove this attribute from the iframe.

  2. Dec 6, 2017. The best strategy is to start by running your HTML page through the Markup Validation Service — created and maintained by the W3C, the.

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