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Updating xbox 360 video codecs

If you have a normal 5 1/4″ drive bay I suggest getting the LG WH16NS40 16X blu-ray drive since it is known to not be speed limited.LG seems to be one of the better drive manufacturers in my experience. You can use Ubuntu on bare metal or run it under VMware.

If you run into trouble feel free to post an issue here. Once it expires you’ll need to purchase a key or while it’s in BETA you can get a free key…Instructions to get it installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS follows.Most Blu-Ray drives have an anti-feature called “riplock” where it will purposefully cripple the read-speed on dvds and blue-rays to around 2X to 4X instead of the advertised drive speed (I believe this to be false advertising).I uploaded the scripts to Git Hub under the MIT license.As of version 1.1.0 (which pulls in muckngrind4’s changes) the ARM can rip from multiple drives simultaneously, and send push notifications to your phone when it’s complete using Pushbullet or IFTTT.(if you ever need it this is a great command get get info on a disk): For video discs the first step is ARM tries to obtain the disc title.If it’s a blu-ray it can often be extracted from the disc, if it’s a DVD we calculate a hash of the DVD and then query Windows Media Metaservice (which is what Windows Media Player queries when a disc is inserted) to get the title.It runs on Linux, it’s completely headless and fully automatic requiring no interaction or manual input to complete it’s tasks (other than inserting the disk).Once it completes a rip it ejects the disc for you and you can pop in another one.If the video is a TV Show ARM will rip all the titles and you’ll need to use Filebot to rename the shows.All tracks get ripped using Make MKV and placed in the /mnt/media/ARM/raw folder as soon as ripping is complete the disk ejects and transcoding starts with Hand Brake Cli transcoding every track into /mnt/media/ARM/timestamp_discname.


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