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Updating ports in bsd

This section introduces some additional global settings for building ports.

You can skip it, but then you will be required to perform many of the make(1) statements in later examples as root.

For more information about obtaining the ports tree via CVS, read the Anon CVS page, which contains a list of available servers and a number of examples.

The SELECT FULLPKGNAME, COMMENT FROM Ports WHERE COMMENT LIKE '%statistics%'; Guppi-0.40.3p1|GNOME-based plot program with statistics capabilities mailgraph-1.12|a RRDtool frontend for Postfix statistics R-2.4.1|clone of S, a powerful math/statistics/graphics language py-probstat-0.912p0|probability and statistics utilities for Python darkstat-3.0.540p1|network statistics gatherer with graphs pfstat-2.2p0|packet filter statistics visualization tcpstat-1.4|report network interface statistics wmwave-0.4p2|Window Maker dockapp to display wavelan statistics diffstat-1.43p0|accumulates and displays statistics from a diff file sqlite The above is still a very basic search.

With SQL, just about anything can be searched for, including dependencies, configure flags, shared libraries, etc.

If you follow -current, you need both a -current base system and a -current ports tree.

Because no intrusive changes are made in -stable, it is possible to use a -stable ports tree on a -release system and vice versa.


  1. Feb 12, 2010. Check it out here. How to install ports on FreeBSD? Make sure that even if you have installed ports that you update ports again so you have the.

  2. As a conclusion, portupgrade is a very complete, sophisticated and powerful system to upgrade packages. It can in principle do most.

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