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Updating hp media smart server

At the bottom left the file name will appear, and this is what Zappiti will use to scrape. For example, if you want 100% accuracy you can actually enter in the IMDB #.

If Zappiti is not sure of an exact match of the movie/TV show a list will appear with all possible matches for you to choose from. # to Clean up If you create a Zappiti database but later on delete any videos from your collection, when you run the scan any removed videos will appears in the “# to clean up” section.

Click on the button and a list will appear showing all missing videos.

Select “clean up” and Zappiti will remove these files from its database. Export to Dune The final step ( I will talk about reviewing/editing the Zappiti database shortly) will be to export the Zappiti database files for the Dune to access.

For movies Select “New Movies folder” and for TV shows select “New TVShows folder”.

The folder path is where your Movies/TV Shows are located.

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If metadata is missing then Zappiti will put the video file into the “# to scrap” section so the metadata can be scraped from various sources.

This will tell Zappiti how the Dune will play back the video files.

For example, if you access your media on the Dune via samba you would specify here what the samba path would be.

Unless you want this stored in a specific location I would just keep it set to the default location.

Under Language choose your language of choice (German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, or Russian) When Zappiti is done creating the video jukebox it will export the files which the Dune will then access for viewing.


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