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Madeaa &jfit here/' sms is said to nave told her house* keeper wl th ths utmost e Min* fn private she was* of course, closely interrogated by men of i-ha British- security services* She told them she knew nothing* She so dimly con vinced the Entiah authorises of her emiro ignorance of her husband's secret life as a spy ami r ivaa^ay f hat the Foreign Ol Sce made no Oh Mtibft when she took her Children on holiday ta Franco only three months after Donald Maclean’s Sights Vet it now seems certain that in France she made enjj* tact with an M. was seeking an opportunity to cimm her uximteiy After her I -away * it was even intended of the Soviet approach tier isi or id her house in Krnt V the My P. She musk be contacted in a spot where Brhi^h security ageu ts could he eroded* On her Riviera holiday^ agmtr* of the French security - service kept the Maclean iamsiy under ccmstent watch in the v Ufa fciiey occupied, Vet Mrs. fhghh She i’« turned with children to England, There at once began to vtth the 5X. She clearly fooled the Swiss Tj&* taken kic weeks to complete even iiifo preliminary sta^,' 1 had to weigh up hew sym- pathetic m$ -cohim- was to the Soyici- system.Vlfi agmt and finally agreed to take pan In that led to her ov si aems the Curtain a ff&agow. Maclean managed to slip away for Uvo whole days,- •' This may have been the occasion for her ialpttil render Volts will* the M A ? But :thc ^y^ of : the -Western e.oiurter^ipy agents were suit two. Could he be useful to mt Did he have access to Government informa- tion? hemi- qbdviera were sent to m in fhi diplomatic hag.Some cants els did not knct V: they were divulging anything Of importance- They were pxu- \m- wit-ting helpers Others tern me conscious agen U— and same- . When Iav As gfvmi refuge: in Aiavi,ru Ua mu dfpli»maiio i'clations were brokers between Moscow and Canberra, my spy-ring: collet psed , X5nt let no one imagine that a smashed Soviet spy network barmfct be rebuilt I say/ the way Itns’was done itt Sweden, WORLD COPYRIGHT - RESERVED | Next week Fefrov rfipoftl ah Ji|s spying assign meat | in 8^cflen^an invesilffa Bcst info ihr private life of htx «wn ambassa d of course, hut had via edn Urc Xilh nimble strategy l and it in the end, he heat you-wed, after alb it m Uy k game, a very interacting one, and,, m&z time, perhaps you would heat him” Our dlpioma U, added Maugham, “ led lives m rdmt Oft from ordinary human intern 'eats that they are incapable of tak tug ser xmi things seriously/' Ho saw them having long lunches at the Odrdmster, dis- Ming china or Water- fd Vi M^Vn white tit® wo Vld was crathinp, : Wanted : the names W . When he had finished he ulled straight, and strode to the aircraft ' • • • - % nnno M ^here- will be no dodging' the questions when Mr. He will face the hottest reception Of his career in the Commons. Questions Mr, Macmillan will be asked are; ' IF you know the name of the “third man” who tipped off Maclean that he was being watched, whv aont you name him?il O vm ilm Wihfvhaii ciip Sv •: mat who 1 ddvisgil Fn K ;t | Be vie, new to f he game, tn ba t b ; the Arab . •'« IF he h as been punished or sacked, why not tell us ?

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Burgess and Mae Lean were re- nted by the Communists 20 ■ears ago while students at 'ambridge, he said, and neither .w of the other’s spy activities in til a few weeks before they disappeared together 4 Vi years .,£)/ ' Fled Behind Iron Curtain Mae Lean was head of the uneriean department in the / orelgn Office at the time he anished. years botn bad eeen t ruined for conspsirdbv - and csiftonnge- uuid ftud o fritted r.o f ... the King of Clubs, writes 'I Don't Go Home Till Morning' literally to cry on Bruce is shoulder. remember, but he did seem to be, if anything, a shade a rit- American, though not violently so. So Bruce hurriedly told him he was joking apd handed over his property. Melindji Madtcan, ITUs wife and mother, sympathy wheft her husband, the Soviet spy Donald. • Urgent conference in Moscow As 1 disciosed last weefe, Muciean and Burgess spied for Russia over a period of many years before the sus- picions of the British Security B s r v 1 e e s were aroused, . The two men discovered that they were anaer In- vestigatian, Terri fled, they reported to their Soviet con- tact In London. ix\ Moscow an urgent can* fiire Ure of top k£Vi- agents wm ealien, Chief of tho&e pie- mil was Co -on el Rafem, bead «?Of course that won’t happen till I’m in my fifties, and by then I’ll probably be such an ornery and insufferable jerkball that nobody will want to be with me anyway.Clearly, some people are single because they choose to be.I’m at that point in my life where the dating pool consists of 20-somethings who think a 5 to 10 year difference in age makes me old enough to be their father rather than a potential mate, while the rest have all played the merry-go-round of relationships/marriages which failed for whatever reason, and are now free to date again.If, for example, you were raised by parents or caretakers who were negligent or cold, you may grow up feeling distrusting of affection.He did, ; however, say that when Kislytsin ; • returned to Moscow he was put | jin charge of “an amazing library ; of foreign intelligence called top secret archives’* and added: “By a remarkable coincidence ; this section turned opt to be a collection of the material sup- plied by Burgess and Mae Lean/* yw eiium agent who worked in the. until they were almost ready for their flight to Moscow/* Questioned about the article* a Foreign Office spokesman con- ceded that the two were under investigation before they skipped* but said, "We had no powers to , Xn Moscow, western newsmen Stop them from leaving the ! By this time "he' had joined, me in Australia But when he read the reports in Austm Han newspapers of Mr& Madc&ifin disappearance he •mog«saed some cl the detail oi the escape plan to which he fi M devoted m much of his s killed' attention* .Soviet Embassy in London told him that in 1945 Burgess brought him -’brief cases full of Foreign Office documents /’ They were photographed and quickly turned back. I0n 8 havrsuspectedthat Burgess | country," He said the: Foreign ^ Mae Lean mfeht be m the Office now believes the two were clt X\ ~} ut ^tempts un & long-time Soviet spies. D, (secret police) , I per- son ally h andled all the material that Burgess supplies Mr. And the most breathtaking feature of the scheme was part Signed to that attractive enigmatic, American - mm «hcr M wife, of a tops mm Melinda Maclean, He told her his plans X am now convinced, thp: trh conclusive evidence is Umik that she knew ail about )er husbaxn Ts plan to nee* At a ny tnis^ she’ fces&n to p;ay & willing and highly astute part in - her own successful disap- pearance ttfrtf mm finer Dm Md $^ **»«* ****** ite lr&n When nor husband v&m$ncd on May -3$.Burgess was on leave cm his post as second secre- tary of the British Embassy ini Washinfcgon. Mv interview with the MI5 man took place in 1951, some weeks after the diplomat! Was Maclean a member, the man from MIS wanted to know? But in alt the time Bruce and I had known Burgess he , had never, even in his cups, given the slightest indication of his intention to leave the country. Maclean, fled to Moscow, was herself, I am now sure, .'uiity &t a staggering piece of duplicity. At once, Ktslyosln revealed to me, tha full resources of the M. tha First Oi recta rale, which i for infelfegenco wo? a is deputy Gorsky, since d$- from his jsds& was ibsrfc, So was i CIslytain himself All three nien were Weti known to me personal!j Demands in pariiment for' iw m light on the mystery have 1 brought only the official adrnis- ion from the Foreign Office’ that, m. 1 He was not, but he had hem m several times with Burge! 41m os u every thing in the worm, wfe said, -except politics. But once lights flashed on in his flat at about 4 a.m,, after he had left the club — and then, suddenly, we saw him haring across the road to Churchills in a tremendous panic. She looted the Secret Service Chiefs of Britain, and then those Ot France and Switzerland, in a series of uuhiiihg manoeuvres that few master spies can match. — - — ■' ' 1 — I From 1945 to 1948 Kisfyl- sin was stationed In London, wftera be la personal itmh: w*Sh two diplo- mats Afterwards lie worked at M. y ( The qmrkiy de- that Burgess a»4 Msus* lein were agents of such va iie. agesits uoie cam ple to \ A Soviet nr C&ecti pj Lm ~’ Kislytstn was pot sure which— flew them to Prague J The joy and retiet with which the M, V. chi Ms received thetn in Moseow can well m imagined.19 UP ),— A j-rian -who deserted to the vest says Britain’s fiyra missing nlomats— Donald Mae Lean and . Ute bnte Bm.t nut even rwant to know who dvcklod not id l * i FU v c ;» d . Ife used to live just across the Churchills road from chlrprch *A'-V** VULHO .* i Ji\ .^..d-streefc, ^Frona the office here I am* w riting ' how 1 can co the windows , of his flat, facing on Bond Street! Colleague Bruce Brace saw • 'Uch more of him than i did. after I had left the club ui the early hours of the morn- fig. i - v I- — f- ; CT 125 OCT 12 J 5 § r ":' S~"' CLf Acrtiv hm pat the ' areign pamc on the scale ‘The People* did las] unday. | UT the document did not tell ALL the facts, and today!iy Burgess— served as spies for ue feernlin all the time they f M-fced in the Foreign Office. Burgess used to drop in for -pm cigarettes* a night-cap i|id a chat with Bruce. Our publication of the facts con- cerning the missing British diplomats. we publish new dis- closures from Petrov-— who ran out op the Russians In Australia— that wilt add to the outcry.


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