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Someone else tweeted: “Everyone should watch that new movie Veronica on Netflix.“I’m freaking out, I don’t do scary movies well and F**K this is a good one.”Not everybody agrees, though: and actually, attention on how scary Veronica is has only amplified how unscary others have found it.“ok unpopular opinion but that movie verónica on @netflix isn't scary at all??

“We know that, in an hour or two, we’re going to walk out whole,” says Fischoff.

Yet when people are asked to name their top 25 favorite films, horror almost never makes the cut, Fischoff and colleagues found.

(The Godfather, Star Wars, Casablanca, and The Sound of Music jostle for room at the top; the closest the horror genre comes is an occasional appearance by Ghost, which is more romantic than scary.) “Horror is almost no one’s favorite genre,” says Fischoff.

“There are people who have a tremendous need for stimulation and excitement,” says Fischoff. Or as Fischoff puts it, “Older people have stimulation fatigue.

“Horror movies are one of the better ways to get really excited.”That may explain why horror movies are most popular with younger audiences. Life’s [real] horrors scare them, or they don’t find them entertaining any more—or interesting.”One of the more counterintuitive findings in the science of fear is that the stronger the negative emotions (fear, worry, anxiety...) a person reports experiencing during horror films, the more likely he or she is to enjoy the genre. “The pleasure comes from the relief that follows,” says Campbell.


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