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Optimism is, after all, a key part of an abundance mentality; you’re believing that even when things are difficult, you’ll still do better in the long run. The fear of missing out, the fear of rejection and the fear of being alone.You fear rejection because you believe that you’re going to miss a narrow window of opportunity and when that window is closed, it’s closed forever.So you have to deliberately build up a habit of thinking positively – in this case, consciously deciding to see things differently.You have to become more mindful of your thought patterns, learning what triggers these thoughts and why.The more self-limiting beliefs you accept, the harder of a time you’ll have with dating; you will have effectively hobbled yourself with nothing but a mistaken idea of what you can and can’t do.

Still others didn’t believe that there were many women who could possibly be interested in Many issues that hold men back in their social development spring from a scarcity mentality.Your core beliefs – both about yourself and about other people – affect far more than you realize.The way you see the world acts as the filter for in your life, and the more negative and restrictive your views, the more negative and restrictive the world will be to you.It also leads you to becoming bitter and resentful over the success of others for “hogging” what would, supposedly otherwise be yours.The abundance mentality, on the other hand, is simply the belief that there are many, – it isn’t the end of the world because there will be others out there who will also be incredible.well, tough shit Chuck, hope you’re prepared for a lifetime alone with nothing but bitter regrets and cursing fate for deciding that your soul-mate would be better off married to a stockbroker named Chad with his perfect hair and his natural charm and his teeth and (ahem) A scarcity mentality can often result in approach anxiety – you become afraid to make that first move because you risk getting rejected and that rejection means that you’re that much closer to a life of involuntary celibacy.It leads to resentment and entitlement issues; the idea that 20% of the men get 80% of the women – a common, if mistaken belief amongst many MRA and PUA forums – stems from a scarcity mentality, for example.All too often though, we let those fears push us into bad decisions – holding onto toxic relationships for fear of being alone, trying to conform to other people’s ideas of who we should be in order to avoid being rejected.When you’re cultivating an abundance mentality, you want to is.Taking time to practice gratitude means you’re forcing yourself to be more aware of everything you have and how fortunate you are to have it.People who practice gratitude are happier and feel more fortunate and tend to be more optimistic in general.


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