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Signs you are dating the wrong person

Do you feel happy that you’ve had a good time with them, sad that you had to say goodbye…or do you feel emotionally drained?If they’re a emotionally exhausting you, it’s not a good sign. The right person leaves you feeling warm, happy and maybe even missing them.There’s No Future Perhaps you’ve tried to picture a future with them but it’s just not happening.Whenever you think about the future, it doesn’t include them. This is a really bad sign and it surely means you’re with the wrong person.Perhaps you talk about your day at work or show them something you’ve learned today, but you can tell they’re not really interested. It’s important that we listen to our partner and we feel connection on multiple levels: emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, etc.If your partner doesn’t seem to care about what you say, despite what you say meaning a lot to you, you need to question where this relationship is going and whether or not it’s the right one for you.

You Don’t Feel Like Having The Big Conversationsy got no interest at all in having the big conversations with them.Whether that’s financial, revolving around house work or who makes more effort.While it shouldn’t be a competition, you should at least feel like you’re getting what you’re giving. You’re happy to bitch about them with your parents – you’re not bothered whether they like them or not. And neither of you seem to mind that much – it’s a way to get out of being together.If you do have sex, it’s to tell yourself that there’s something still there between you, despite sex feeling like an obligation. You can imagine yourself in 10 years time, but more often than not your partner doesn’t fit into that picture.Either way, you always depart from them feeling good about them.They Don’t Prioritise y things to them, but it’s as though they’re not really listening to you. Or maybe they’re just not the right person for you?For some reason, you think the mood would be dampened if you were to invite your partner out to join you and your friends.Sometimes you simply avoid asking them because you know they wouldn’t want to join you either.However, if you’re pretty close to your parents and still haven’t even considered introducing your partner, you should ask yourself why. Do you get the feeling they wouldn’t get along with your parents?Or maybe deep down you’re kinda embarrassed by them?


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