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Sedating cats car trips Mature sex chat rooms

Dear Dog Lady, I've had a lot of dogs in my 58 years and sometimes I am confronted with the reality of having to put one down.

It has never been an easy decision and what works for me does not always work for anyone else.

When Dog Lady's dog was a puppy, he traveled in a bag stowed under the airplane seat.

The vet prescribed half a sedative for the journey.

Dear Dog Lady, Over the holidays, I will be driving a long distance with my 7-year-old female pug.

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If the dog sleeps through, just let sleeping dogs lie and plow onward.

Nothing is worse than staring at the favorite toy that lies static in the same place day after day.

The long and short of it is that dogs are so much like humans in that every being is distinctly different. The late comedian George Carlin once said, "Life is a series of dogs." He's so right on that one. Although Dog Lady advises against getting another "replacement" dog too soon after the death of a cherished pet, there is really no rule about it, as you gently point out.

Some pets are not used to traveling and that is why they experience dizziness or motion sickness when they ride in vehicles.

Some people face the same thing when traveling, too, but find comfort in taking Dramamine.


  1. Can I Give My Cat Dramamine. Sedation, dry mouth, or. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, planning for your trip with your cat will help you have a.

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