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I have more trouble with looks-based dating apps and texting as a primary form of communication than I do with intelligent, accomplished people looking to date amongst themselves.

The acceptance algorithm that The League uses scans the social networks to ensure applicants are in the right age group and that they are career-oriented.

Some such as E-Harmony were so needlessly complicated and digressive that I doubt if anyone ever met anyone significant through them.

I remember noticing that women advertising in the claimed cultural sophistication, usually measured by listing artistic preferences and/or the wish to travel to exotic places (thus implicitly discouraging those unfamiliar with Picasso or Paris).Though other seekers seized the unprecedented opportunity of discovering potential lovers residing elsewhere in the world, I did not.Somewhere I came across an advertisement for The Right Stuff, which promised “Ivy League of Dating,” though they expanded their scope to include alumni of other culturally classy North American colleges, such as the University of Toronto and Sarah Lawrence.But they should have accomplished something in their 20s.he most remarkable feature of Facebook’s origins is that it began as a new channel to connect guys to gals—more specifically, for Harvard guys to ogle and perhaps meet Harvard gals otherwise inaccessible, presumably.The sites grant access to larger pools of potential dates than you could ever find on your own, and the more people you connect with, the greater the chance is that one of those people could be your soul mate.Their study, published in Psychological Science and summarized in a New York Times op-ed , concludes that even though as many as 25 million people per month seek matches through online dating services, these individuals are no more likely to find their soul mates than people who hook up with partners through conventional methods—singles bars, blind dates, friends of friends. These top 8 Ivy League dating sites, apps, and services are a treasure trove of attractive, intelligent matches who are guaranteed to turn heads at your next soiree.Only after checking with others do I sense that my disappointment with such old-style social situations is not unique.I sense an increased reluctance to accept heterosexual overtures except in circumstances where they are sought.Through this route I met in the mid-1990s a woman I loved for several years, whom I should have met before, had the person knowing us both in the 1960s cared to introduce us.Once she left New York, around 2003, I began to socialize more—to go to concerts, art openings, lectures, etc.


  1. May 1, 2012. Based on the numbers alone, the advantages of online dating services. Right Stuff Dating “The Ivy League of Dating” may be right for you.

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  3. Welcome to The Right Stuff. The Right Stuff is an international introduction.

  4. The Right Stuff is a dating service in New Jersey, in business since 1993. Membership is international, and limited to single students, graduates, and faculty.

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