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I don’t really want to list the exact exchange rate here, just use a currency converter to get the current rate.

Or course you can get by cheaper than this and especially the budget for girls and sex is very flexible.

Like you could cut this cost down to 1,000 Pesos if you sign up on one of the increasingly popular online dating sites and meet “normal” girls instead of prostitutes.

On top of the daily budget obviously comes the cost of the flight ticket to and from the Philippines to your home country, as well as domestic flights, bus rides and ferry trips – depending on your schedule.

Or you could even meet nice and “open-minded” girls completely for free (no prostitutes). But it’s not just that the range of fun activities in the Philippines is huge, but also the fact that the US Dollar to Philippine Peso exchange rate has been very favorable for foreigners for years, and there is little sign why this should change in the near future.

So what you can do is to arrange three or four dates for one evening at different times – like at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm.That can be quite time consuming though and Pinays (= Filipina women) tend to be quite shy in public, too.This explains why the dating sites like Pina Love or Filipino Cupid have become so popular: You can talk and arrange dates with girls conveniently from home (or anywhere really by using your smartphone).And it’s also fun to rent a motorcycle there and cruise up to the chocolate hills. The atmosphere in this medium sized city in the heart of the Visayas really has a great atmosphere – especially Ayala Shopping Mall, the IT Park and the sports bars that are run and frequented by some of the friendliest expats I have met in the Philippines.Plus countless of girly bars, night clubs, KTVs and massage salons which number is only exceeded by those in Manila.I guess the topic you are most curious about is how much a typical “single vacation” in the Philippines would actually cost.Provided that you want to take out bar girls for sex and be jerked or sucked off in a happy ending massage salon pretty much every day.What’s your imagination of a perfect two to three week holiday? But what really makes that kind of vacation perfect is to end your days in the bars among countless of young, attractive and charming girls who are not only willing to “entertain” you if you buy them a drink or two, but also to get wild and naughty back in your hotel room if you agree to give them a few blue notes afterwards.Maybe that’s chilling out at paradise-like, white sanded beaches during the day. Doing island hopping from one wonderland to another. If all that sounds to you like the perfect holiday, then you couldn’t make a better choice than going to the Philippines.This is what I’m going to cover here: Let me say that this guide is really aimed for first time visitors to the Philippines, so if you have already been here (or simply not interested in a particular section) then feel free to just skip to the parts you want to know about.And as always, please leave a comment on the bottom of the page sharing your experiences or just starting a discussion on one of the sections.


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