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Phases of dating and brown

And two of the nights I snagged a few berries anyway.Days three and four slightly alter your meals (quinoa instead of brown rice, a small amount of avocado or nuts added in, less beans, etc).She also recommends a fiber supplement with breakfast or digestive enzymes.After a lot of helpful suggestions and feedback on Instagram on digestive enzymes (spoiler alert, people love them! After really loving the information I found (), I opted to drink 10-12 ounces of celery juice in place of a fiber supplement each morning.The first two days on the cleanse are identical, then things switch up slightly for days three and four.These are the details of what I ate on day one, but for details on all four days, I highly suggest buying the book.I mentioned a few weeks ago on Instagram that I bought Woman Code, a book that educates women about their hormone health, helps connect our symptoms, biochemistry, and food, and offers holistic strategies to solve hormone-related problems, including everything from cramps, fatigue, and skin issues to energy, mental focus, and moods.A brief history: I was diagnosed with PCOS by a doctor many years ago. Yet doctor told me I was borderline PCOS (is that even a thing? I do know I have a history of troublesome blood sugar levels. Since then I’ve learned to completely control my blood sugar levels with eating the right foods, so it really hasn’t caused me to be symptomatic since.

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I was hungry during this cleanse, even though I’m not sure you are supposed to be. I started on a Sunday and I think having to skip out on family pancakes and my Earl Grey tea just bummed me out.

The Woman Code cleanse is four days long and is intended to clean your system of built up estrogen and toxins that may be disrupting hormonal balance in your body.

Here is a detailed look into what I ate, how I felt, and what I learned.

With dinner, you are allowed unlimited leafy greens.

I joked a lot about this on my Instagram stories- UNLIMITED KALE- but I guess it was nice to have an unlimited option of something.


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