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After RCM retired he researched the histories of most of the old families in the parish and published the results in a book called Rousay Roots which ran to three editions but is now out of print.

However, the whole of its contents appear on this website along with a wealth of material which does not appear in the book.

It is intended to meet at the top of the field known as ‘The Square’, off the end of the surfaced road through The Row at 1.00pm for an informal, bring your own, picnic before setting off.Click below for:- Community Wheels Customer Leaflet Community Wheels Customer Poster Community Wheels Newsletter Every Wednesday morning a 13 seater mini-bus is running a service from Crosthwaite to Kendal, leaving the Memorial hall at 10 oclock.The service starts in Kendal travels through Bowness, Winster, Crosthwaite, Underbarrow, and Brigsteer, arriving in Kendal about 10.45.Since this website went online in 1998, RCM received hundreds of emails from residents in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and South Africa seeking information about their Rousay forebears.Many of them have followed up the discovery of their ancestors with a visit to Orkney to see where they had lived.Bill Sharp is happy for vehicles to be driven up the track to park at the top of The Square making access easier for all.The enjoyment of the event depends on the weather and if inclement conditions prevail the picnic may be abandoned and an alternative, more sheltered, route be taken through the adjacent Fellside Plantation.This will all be closely linked with the community, working with landowners to identify opportunities, working with communities to undertake monitoring and develop options and running a number of events for schools, children and adults alike to get involved with the world of rivers.To find out more please go to the webpage: https://uk/what-we-do/current-projects/.The website was designed by my uncle Robert C Marwick (RCM) to help those who are seeking information about their ancestors who hailed from the parish of Rousay in Orkney, Scotland.The beautiful island of Rousay and the small neighbouring islands of Egilsay, Wyre, and Eynhallow, make up the Parish of Rousay.


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