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Non faith based dating

There isn’t a constant stream of sunlight around us. But God is faithful, and prayer that he will sustain you goes a long way.

Some days, love will be a choice, but that proves that it’s real.

God set this rule for a reason, and it’s too clear in the Bible to try and argue your way around it (me and my friends tried that one too!

He has been wrecked by parochial school and their twisted application of God.

Here’s my dilemma: how do I hold the Bible card up til I tell him about my situation. All the scripture is about adulterous affairs and incest. well, I have been courting for six years now and have been planning to get married but due to education, there has been a delay with the marriage, but now, my boyfriend wants to propose to me but am not ready for marriage, and he’s demanding for sex, wat do I do I had the same issue with a guy I was dating.

Heartbreak is not impossible for Christians, and the first guy you try to date in a God honouring way might not be the guy, there might not even be a guy (there’s an excellent post on singleness here, sooooo worth checking out), but Relationships are both wonderful and testing, but the best way to do them will always be God’s way, whether we like it or not.

Your relationship with Jesus is ultimately far more important, but dating and marriage is a gift from God and if you listen to and follow what He says about it, it will be worth it!


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