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Mtv reality dating show

However, the vast majority of MTV shows are faker than the zombies in Michael Jackson's music video for "Thriller".

The degree to which the "reality" is crafted does vary.

, the reality show “will see a raft of loved up couples compete for a £50,000 (US,000) prize.

However, not all of the relationships are real and the couples, from their base in Tuscany in Italy, must figure out who is lying.” If you’re real lovers it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you’re in, as long as you’re genuinely in love. We’re confident the viewers are in for something totally different because they won’t be told who’s real and who’s fake.

Searchers can also be quite rude, making unnecessarily mean comments about things, trashing rooms by dumping things on the floor, being tacky by looking for stains, etc.

(To some extent the show encourages this by having a blacklight in a searching kit; the show would be better without it.) One of the worst instances must have been when a group of guys went into the girl's parents' room (bad in itself), and pulled out her mother's underwear and hung it on a door. I'm also surprised by the number of guys who will dress up in the girls' underwear or dresses!

That would seem to indicate that the participants told the show when they're free, and thus they must have some idea when they might be seized.

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Related to this, supposedly they don't know that participating means that their room will be searched by their would-be suitors - um, that's the name of the show.However, more often than not the deal breakers are collections, or articles of clothing, or CDs, or certain sports, or schools, and who could really care so much about those? Searchers also overly extrapolate from individual items.For example, a magazine on Progressive Farming, supposedly means the person is a farmer, and the searcher doesn't like farmers. They also overly extrapolate from the absence of things.Supposedly, people are picked on the basis of their rooms, but I have a suspicion that when searchers praise things they liked in each room they're looking for reactions from the room's owners, so they can pick on looks.Probably would be better if the searcher didn't get to see the rooms' owners until after they eliminate each one.Sometimes there's just some manipulative editing involved or the producers have forced the cast into a scenario that they'd never do of their own free will.Often though every word of dialogue is dialogue or fed from off-camera.But an item like that could belong to a friend, or have just one article of interest, or be related to a class or internship, or any number of other things. Some of the room's owners have their underwear in the laundry, or their personal items are at home and not in their room at school or new apartment.The searchers consequently assume the owner doesn't wear underwear, or doesn't have any personality or interests.At the end of the day, the majority MTV reality shows are the exact opposite of reality.Here are the 10 Fakest MTV Shows (And 5 That Are Totally Real).


  1. Oct 24, 2017. The reality show was filmed over the summer and went out on MTV's social media, but tonight's the first time it will make it to TV – and it's being.

  2. Apr 24, 2018. All human disasters from previous dating reality shows, unite! Ever wonder what happens to reality stars once their seasons wrap? After all, not.

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