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He told him about a boy he met in East Blue, and after their conversation, Rayleigh was curious to meet Luffy.He seems to appreciate Crocus for maintaining the Pirate King's health during their voyage in the New World.He often comments on his age and how his body "does not work the way it used to", much like Garp.

He also has a scar over his right eye, which he has had for many years.He wore an orange shirt, light-brown spotted bermudas and simple sandals.He also has a silver-colored coat hanging from his shoulders.Rayleigh was aware that Buggy was a pirate in the East Blue, which meant he kept tabs on him.Some years ago, after Shanks saved Luffy from being eaten by the sea king, Shanks met Rayleigh in Sabaody Archipelago.Despite the doctor's brief time with them he considers him a valued crewmate and expressed a desire to see him again. When he had gone missing for the previous six months before her introduction, she was not worried because she knew what Rayleigh is capable of.Upon meeting Luffy, she informed him of the other major pirates (the Eleven Supernovas) that have arrived on the island around the same time as him.Underneath these cloths, the old man's body is surprisingly built and very well-toned, a testament to his incredible strength.When he was younger, Rayleigh had strawberry blonde hair (black when first seen in the anime) clean cut, and had a moderate amount of facial hair.Rayleigh is light hearted, casual, and fun loving, much like his captain Roger was.In the past, he was shown to have been impatient with the antics of the younger crew members, and took the position of crew disciplinarian very seriously.


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