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Marriage and dating customs in guatamala

In three of the four specified situations, the proportion of couples in which both spouses reported that the wife participated in decision making increased with the woman's level of education and was higher if both partners were educated than if only one had been to school; in all four instances, it was greater among couples in which the wife was employed than among those in which she did not work outside the home.On average, both women and their husbands said that women were involved in two of the four types of decisions.However, they also contend that inadequate knowledge of the importance of skilled health care, documented in an earlier study, may prevent women in western Guatemala from obtaining appropriate care.In the analysts' view, their findings yield important lessons about the role of men in decision making and in couples' health behavior.Men's reports suggest a very different relationship between women's decision-making role and preventive behavior.

To measure women's decision-making power, analysts constructed scores based on responses to four questions: who in the household made the final decisions on the purchase of household items, on what to do if a child became ill, on whether to buy medicine for a sick family member and on what to do if a pregnant woman in the household became very ill.

They observe that because spouses do not always agree on the wife's role in decision making, "to understand couple dynamics regarding household decisions, men need to be interviewed." Nevertheless, they conclude, the finding that couples often agreed that the husband was the main decision maker "can help program planners working on maternal health to include men as targets for maternal health interventions."—D. Becker S, Fonseca-Becker F and Schench-Yglesias C, Husbands' and wives' reports of women's decision- making power in western Guatemala and their effects on preventive health behaviors, Social Science & Medicine, 2006, 62(9):2313–2326.

Previously called British Honduras, the country now known as Belize derives its name from one of two historical sources: Maya root words or the surname of the Scottish buccaneer Peter Wallace, who maintained a camp near present-day Belize City in the seventeenth century.

Belizeans affectionately refer to their country as "the Jewel." The formation of a consciousness of a national culture coincided with the growth of the nationalist movement in the 1950s toward independence.

It was a phenomenon that occurred simultaneously among neighboring British West Indian colonies.


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  4. How to Get Married in Guatemala. Marriages in Guatemala are almost always performed by local civil officials Alcalde Municipal or a Guatemalan lawyer.

  5. Guatemala Guatemala, country of Central America that is distinguished from its Central American neighbors by the dominance of an Indian culture within its interior uplands. The country’s capital, Guatemala City, is a major metropolitan center; Quetzaltenango in the western highlands is the nucleus of the Indian population.

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