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Live chat with sexbot v 2 0

DAVI is and SDK that can help you build a chatbot quick and easy. It also has features like Abstract Class for Speech Synthesis Abstract Class for Speech Recognition Web search (for answers on wikipedia) Avatar Component A stand alone program that runs under window XP, Vista and Windows 7. It has a spell engine to try to spot typos, a math engine for simple math questions.It has a basic short term memory which allows it to answer questions to facts it has just been told as well as a basic time and date system. Type RESET to restart conversation from the beginning.Xaiml stands for e Xtended Artificial Intelligence Markup Language and was first made August 31, 2012 by Devyn Collier Johnson, NCLA, Linux , LPIC-1, DCTS.All chatterbots that run on the Program PY-SH engine are known as Betabots.all of those informations are stocked in its mind, a file called You can ask her to translate words from english to french, or to seach for a file on a drive.

Deshalb könnte er auch als Juror im Turing-Test eingesetzt werden.

Neo (nickname: Neobot) is a chatterbot of the Betabot family which uses the Program PY-SH engine and uses Xaiml files as the knowledge databases. Betabots are currently developed by Devyn Collier Johnson and the Xaiml-Developers Team.

Teneo was the only natural language technology capable of delivering this human-like, intelligent experience in Japanese.

When you write a sentence, Harumi ask you what you mean.

The second sentence is then linked to the first one, except if the second sentence reminds her something else, in which case Harumi will link the first sentence to it.


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