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I realize that Starbuck's recipe wasn't likely to be as sincere, but I was really curious to see if I could achieve a super lemony cake using only fresh lemons.

In my research, I uncovered two potential winning recipes and after much debate about which one I would use, I decided to wing it and use elements from both.

The goal is to collect as much of the lemon segment clusters as you can, it's not about getting lemon juice.

Sure, you'll get some lemon juice as it's part of the process of segmenting the lemons but it's not goal.

About a half hour before you're ready to serve, pour the remaining glaze over the cake. * Butter - A butter knife dropped on a stick of butter should slide completely through the butter to its center. * Superfine/Castor Sugar - You can make this by putting granulated sugar into the food processor and whizzing it around several times for a minute or two.

* Powdered Sugar - If you have an old, half-opened bag of powdered sugar sitting in your pantry, I'd strongly encourage you to throw it away!

The first recipe was created by Bill Yosses who is the Executive Pastry Chef at the White House. Yosses's recipe not only avoided the use of any extracts, but it used almost every part of the lemon.

Bill explains that he likes to use small segments of lemon in the batter because as the cake bakes, the juice evaporates and leaves behind little powerful pockets of lemon goodness. The second recipe was one I found on Epicurious that had several good reviews.

While it was a beautiful cake, I felt it just wasn't the dense, super tight-crumbed pound cake I had hoped for. As a matter of fact, the one comment I kept hearing from everyone was that this cake was way better than Starbucks! Carefully zest four of the lemons, being careful to avoid the pith (the white part that live right below the yellow part of the lemon).

In a small bowl, slowly add the powdered sugar to the and stir until smooth. Poke small holes all over the top of the cake using a fork or toothpick.

It should look thick, opaque, and should be thin enough to it should be pourable. Carefully pour about 1/2 the glaze over the tops and the sizes of the cake.

Several weeks ago, I had a bit of a baking dry spell and really felt the need to bake.

Since my friend Scott just sits over the wall from me, I asked him for a baking assignment.


  1. Better Than Starbucks Lemon Pound Cake Yield Many, many slices! This fed about 24 people, and then some who only wanted a "small slice" Adapted from Bill

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