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Ip addresses not updating thru dyndns

The sip password did not looked encrypted but it is. Under SERVICE PROVIDER I created a new VOIP provider and filled out as followed SIP Domain Name (from optus modem).yesphone.au SIP Proxy (from optus modem).yesphone.au SIP Proxy Port 5060SIP Outbound Proxy (from optus modem).yesphone.au SIP Outbound Proxy Port 5060SIP Registrar (from optus modem).yesphone.au SIP Registrar Port 5060 4.

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It changed the admin password to one of theirs so used the instructions above and got back into it. Copied all the details from the router and password decrypted as well but not working. I get "Proxy Authentication Required" error when try to call a number.Unfortunately the Y3s0ptus password doesn't work on mine, nor any of the other suggested defaults that I've found (password, admin, blank password, etc).And annoyingly, it seems that they now encrypt or scramble the file, so it's not possible to find a base64 encoded password within it: This crippleware is a real nasty piece of crap.Go to this url: will dump out the router's entire config. And since you were nice enough to spend some of your time explaining this...Search for the Admin Password tags: I have accessed the sysinfo.f24 file from the router, but I don't really know what information is relevant to connecting my voip phone – I have a gigaset C610 IP. I will list the setup I use for a Billion 7800VDPX. I had to connect the OPTUS modem to the NBN, just to allow it to fill out the SIP data.Was able to rip all the SIP settings but i'm trying to dissect what the difference is between the authentication on the Optus NBN modem and my other router that won't connect when plugged in. I'm waiting on an ATA as well, I assume if I can't get this work on a softphone, might be the same when I get my ATA?? Edit: This is no fix, doesn't give you an error, gives a green light but can't make and receive phone calls. Got my optus nbn going today I had "unlocked" my Sagemcom modem, but during the initial config connection all my work seems to have been undone it seems new firmware was downloaded. My X-Lite displays registration is OK but as soon as any number is called I get "The number you called is not available.. Anyone able to make outbound calls with the SAGEMCOM extracted Optus SIP details? Finally I could make call from X-Lite successfully using Optus SIP .Here's a screenshot of my setting, Edit: Also getting an error with the proxy server entered as an option for outbound calls I find this funny, I solved my problem myself after hours of trying to get it to work. I have retrieved the new admin password which is more cryptic than before. My problem was that X-Lite was in a PC that was connected to a 2nd router which was connected to SAGEMCOM.Apparently their system hadn't activated my account properly but it was fixed pretty quickly over the phone. Thanks for info Here are my settings in x-lite but unable to make outbound calls.Incoming works great User ID: 6128XXXXXXXDomain:sip01.yesphone.au Password : Decrypted Password from https:// Name: 028XXXXXXXAuthorization Name: 6128XXXXXXX Domain Proxy Checked -- So managed to get the admin password from the router.they won't be able to update it and then one day it will stop working??? Using the info here I have successfully connected it to the Optus siphone number I was given but have a big issue.I'm a bit out of my depth here, so I really appreciate the help I have just connected to the Optus entertainment bundle. I am unable to dial 13xxxx, 1300, 1800 and presumably 1900 numbers. yep will try that and see how it goes but now having some time to look through the sagemcom i find it has dect and i have been able to reg the gigaset phone to the sagemcom but im still trying to make the dect work with the rest of the phones connected to phone 1 as atm when i try and use the gigaset is just making at try but no dial tone or connection , it must be a setting somewhere in the sip or dect section of the sagemcom this sagemcom has got some great hidden features and it even supports 3g backup and has L2TP Client vpn what im not wondering is if i just disable the nat on the Internet-BNG connection will the wireless router behind it just connect as if the it where connected directly to the ntd and at the same time as the voip is a separate connection it would just still work as normal on the sagemcom as that would be the best way to go if it works Did anyone ever get port-forwarding to work. But I can't test it from within the network, even when using the external IP it does not work, testing it via the mobile phone connection works. ok so that suggest it doesnt have nat loopback which hardly surprises me but if you go have a look at


  1. DynDNS through ISP router not updating. Hi. What you want to do is to update your hostnames with your ISP assigned public IP address information.

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