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Ceremonies to honor the fallen heroes are held yearly at war memorials or at art centers such as the Alp Arslan Turkmen National Youth Theatre.

Victory Day commemorates the bravery of Turkmen armed forces who fought against the Nazi during the Second World War.Turkmenistan opens its consular offices in the countries with which consular relations are established.In the absence of agreements concerning the establishment of consular relations, the establishment of diplomatic relations is considered as the establishment of consular relations as well.The consular office of a foreign state can perform consular functions on behalf of Turkmenistan in the third state.The consular office of Turkmenistan, with the consent of the receiving state, and in the absence of objections of the third state can perform consular functions in this third state.The celebration of Victory Day if of national importance among the Turkmen.As part of the celebration, the government regularly holds a meeting where it invites the widows of the fallen heroes of the war.Filled request is sent by a diplomatic mission or consular office through the Consular Office (CO) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan in appropriate archival institutions in the territory of Turkmenistan.After searching, archival institutions return requested documents to the diplomatic mission or consular officethrough the CO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.A year after the end of World War II, Turkmenistan began celebrating its anniversary along with other constituent republics of USSR.Turkmen President takes part in the celebration by delivering speech addressed to the citizens of Turkmenistan and the war veterans who bravely fought during World War II.


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