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Although you can type the references, the easiest way to specify the source ranges is by selecting them.

To select the first source range, activate its workbook, click the tab for the appropriate sheet, highlight the range by dragging over it, and click the Add button.

That is, you use it to count the values in multiple ranges or to find the sum, product, minimum, maximum, variance, standard deviation, or average of the values in a group of ranges.

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Another way to summarize and manipulate data is by creating an Excel pivot table.Don't bother including a source range's category labels when you specify the range—Excel won't include the labels in the destination.If you want to include the labels in the destination range, you'll have to copy them or enter them manually.Inside Microsoft Office 95 A Publication of The Cobb Group Published March 1997 Use this handy command on multiple ranges to calculate sums, averages, products, minimum and maximum values, and other statistical summaries.Excel offers a number of ways to summarize information in different worksheets and workbooks.Once the All References list box contains the addresses of all the source ranges, you should make sure that the Top Row and Left Column check boxes aren't selected.(You use those boxes when you want to consolidate by category rather than by position.) The Create Links To Source Data check box should also be deselected.When you do, Excel will add that range's address to the All References text box.Once you've specified the first source range, you should specify the others in the same way—by highlighting them and clicking Add.For example, the ranges shown in Figure A are on different worksheets in the same workbook.As you can see, the data appears in the same order in ranges of the same size; however, the ranges begin in different cells: A1 in the 1994 Sales sheet, B2 in the 1995 Sales sheet, and C3 in the 1996 Sales sheet.


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