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You may want someone to invite you out to drinks or text you to see how you’re doing, but sometimes, that just doesn’t happen.

However, that doesn’t mean these people don’t care about you.

As an adult, it can be incredibly difficult to make new friends.

In addition to the careers we’re trying to build and families we’re trying to nurture, we’re constantly looking for ways to support our friendships — old or new.

All you need to do it reach out, compliment someone, and boom, you have a new friend.

However, social media can sometimes feed the lonely soul.

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The actions of others have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

Once you begin to feel confident in how these friendships are forming, then it might be a good idea to expand and connect with other people you’ve been meaning to connect with.

Friendship insecurity tends to rise to the surface of your mind when you begin to notice how some people initiate their interactions with you.

However, while that idea might work short term, you could be building a friendship off false truths.

This trick could be mentally draining and prohibit you from finding an authentic friendship.


  1. Overcome Insecurity, Whitney Hopler - Read more Christian women spiritual life, faith, and growth. When you understand who God is – and who you are in Him – you can find the security that will empower you to live a bold and fulfilling life.

  2. If you have been dating or been married for a while, it is to be expected that the passion in the relationship will lessen. This is completely normal, and should never become a source or reason for insecurity. You may remember when your partner used to compliment you every time you went out on a date, or that they would always open

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