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So I have eliminated the power supply / base, battery and the connection between the robot.I have used an RC battery charger to charge up the batteries externally and they charge fine and the robot works fine other than it wont charge normally via base station.Just send me a PM or email and I'll give you the details.Are the green taps are lying horizontally on top of the battery?The extra thickness is required to ensure good contact with the thermistor.What is the resistance between the two small thermistor terminals? The new "non functioning" battery will not register any resistance.The new "non functioning" battery will not register any resistance.

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The "test" would be a repeat of your "jumper wire" configuration, except only jumper the VBAT & GND power contacts, and make no connections to the battery's thermistor contact pads at all.Replace the bad thermistor in the "non-functioning" battery with a good one from a old battery. What will be if we have thermistor, which have at room temperature ( 22st C ) 8,6 K OHM , and than we add series ( not parallel) stil one resistor cca 2 - 3 k ohm in batteries, than complete resistance will be cca 10,6 to 11,6 k OHM, which maybe will be OK, that Roobot with defective ( on board elements out of tolerance) will charge battery normal ???There may be a loose thermistor connection in the "non-functioning" battery. What do you thing, because when thermistor is hot the resistance go down, but they will still be a little higher 2 - 3 k OHM , depends how big resistor will be added ?For my two other batteries that will not hold a charge one shows 9.6K, one jumps around between 1 and 50K.The working battery is in the robot and I dont want to mess with it....Power dissipation capacity of the chosen resistor is not to be worried about, since bias current coursing through it will be just a few milliamperes. I jumpered in an 8.2K resistor to the thermistor contact pads as suggested and guess what.... I repeated my previous tests jumpering the thermistor contact pads to the battery and I got the same error 1 message. 2 old that wont hold charge and 2 new that will take a charge.If the 560 enters charging mode with that lashup you will once again prove the main board to be OK, the energy source in the battery, in use, to be OK, and the .----------------------------------- CAUTION ------------------------Now then, if you do carry out that additional test, do not permit charging to continue for an extended time, say, longer than half an hour. For giggles I took the other 3 and repeated direct jumper test.While the battery is removed pull up on the two larger prongs also, it may help with better electrical contact. Same result error 1 when connecting it to the power supply via the plug on the robot.Note I have two base stations and power supplies and the error 1 problem is repeated whether I plug the power supply into the robot or put it on the base station.I fiddled with the connectors and now have one of the new batteries charging.So I think I will cannibalize one of the old batteries for its thermistor and get this robot back into service plus a spare battery.


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