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The comments are in response to the magazine's having asked whether the women's relationship may have been in trouble during the production of the cover story.

Plus, they feature lots of lovely oldy-worldy photographs (as well as contemporary art and posts like the lovely one above).

And it should go without saying that we continue to respect and honor one another.

That's right, LGBT History Month is just around the corner... LESBIAN AVENGERS” – “MEDIA LIES: NO SURPRISE – THE SUNDAY TIMES SHOULD PRINT THE TRUTH – LESBIAN AVENGERS & OUTRAGE,” Lesbian Avengers outside the offices of the Sunday Times, Wapping, East London, United Kingdom, January 28, 1995. Judd collection on cross-dressing in the performing arts, #ONEArchives at the USC Libraries.

LESBIAN HERSTORY ARCHIVES ​(@lesbianherstoryarchives) We love Lesbian Connection! It is still providing us with all kinds of information on festivals, conferences and everything you need to now, especially with contacts. And for those of you interested, you can of course come and browse all their past and current issues at LHA. The piece, which ran under the headline “Lesbian Militants Target Gay Men,” focused on the Avengers’ attempts to increase lesbian visibility and representation in the face of the male-centric battles against AIDS and unequal age of consent laws. Instead of focusing on the Avengers’ calls for greater awareness of issues unique to lesbians, the article vastly overstated the divide between lesbians and gay men and, in so doing, painted a picture of the Avengers as somewhat aligned with “homophobic, blue-rinse rightwingers.” . Of the Avengers who made it inside, four handcuffed themselves to office furniture while the others filmed and photographed the scene; all successfully disrupted the Times staff. While it was no surprise that the police were summoned, the activists were bewildered when “sixty Territorial Support Group officers, who usually deal with violent riots and large scale demonstrations” arrived to face eight non-violent demonstrators. “Did they really need riot police to remove eight dykes who were completely unarmed? Featuring queer folk of all genders, this account is all about having #prideinhistory. HERSTORY (@h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y ⚢) 🎤RAP MASTERS🎤QUEEN LATIFAH & MONIE LOVE🌈 I’m in a bit of a @queenlatifah Q-hole, currently binge watching #Living Single now streaming on Hulu #queenlatifah #monielove (rg @hiphopbackintheday_) A post shared by ⚢ LESBIAN CULTURE ⚢ (@h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y) on Featuring lesbian culture from the 1800s up until the 1990s and beyond, you'll find everything from pop culture to high art on this aesthetically-pleasing feed.

no longer a stapled and mimeographed production, but a nice glossy with wonderful cover art. In early January 1995, London’s Sunday Times ran a story on the increased visibility of the city’s Lesbian Avengers chapter. After the police used boltcutters to free the handcuffed activists, the group was led out of the building; there were no injuries or arrests. When asked about the size of the police presence, a Scotland Yard spokesperson said: “At the time it seemed necessary.” #lgbthistory #Have Pride In History #Lesbian Avengers #Resist A post shared by lgbt_history (@lgbt_history) on Put together by Leighton Brown and Matthew Riemer, @lgbt_history does exactly what it says on the tin.


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