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Has radiometric dating ever been wrong

That is, you’ll never see in fast-forward or slow-motion.In that sense we can’t help but experience time correctly.If we were to occasionally compare our clocks to clocks in tight orbits around black holes or neutron stars we’d find they run slower than ours, and if we compare with clocks floating deep in the middle of nowhere we’d find that those clocks run a little faster than ours.However, there’s no “true” time to experience; you can never experience time wrong.Instead, if you spend that year zipping around the solar system as fast as you can before coming back for the next New Years, then your path was decidedly not straight (in spacetime).

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Unlike the short human variety, the koala is famous for having an extremely long appendix.

“As an idea it’s an attractive one, that perhaps it would be a nice place for these little bacteria to localize in, a little cul-de-sac away from everything else,” he weighed in.

“The thing is that if we observe what’s been happening through evolution, the higher on the evolutionary scale we are and the more omnivorous animals become, then the smaller and less important the appendix becomes and humans are a good example of that.

If you watch the ball drop on New Years and stay put for a year until the next ball drop, then you’ve made a pretty straight trip (in spacetime) between those two events.

This path is straight, so it’s long, and your clock will read more.


  1. One cannot disprove God bc for that to happpen, one would need ALL the evidence. which is impossible. as well as the fact that carbon dating has been proved fals.

  2. In spite of the findings, Professor Bill Parker says that this does not mean we should cling onto our appendices at all costs. “It’s very important for people to understand that if their appendix gets inflamed, just because it has a function it does not mean they should try to keep it in,” he explained.

  3. Q Do virtual particles violate the laws that energy can be created or destroyed? Have virtual particles ever been observed? In any other instance can energy ever be destroyed or created?

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