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G dragon dating lizzy

It was the first time I thought a guy could be so cool. If I had another chance to meet him and actually be able to speak... If I ever got the offer to participate in his music video, I would say yes in a heartbeat. Cuz everyday is your birthday My calendar is covered in red, why?Cuz everyday is your birthday Listen carefully, listen carefully, please stop playing games with me You worried that I’ll be two-faced? SEE ALSO: YG rep says G-Dragon was discharged from the hospital before returning to his mandatory service G-Dragon first shared a comment on working with Nana Komatsu as he said, "I think Nana Komatsu is a person with many charms.I was expecting the photo shoot to be tiring since it was after a concert, but thanks to Nana I was able to enjoy the shooting."Nana Komatsu also talked about working with G-Dragon, "I was very nervous about working with someone who had me starstruck." "G-Dragon, I saw him performing and he has the movement and discipline of a man. I wanted to take a picture with him but I'm also a celebrity so I was kind of embarrassed to ask that... " "Recently, G-Dragon had a comeback and seems to be doing very well, he's so cool." "Do you know him personally? I'm just a fan." "Something you'd like to say to G-Dragon?

I'll do my best in the future so please watch over~ You are my hero~ Thank you for everything." 25. Like a unique person from the future that we haven't been able to see here in Korea? Kim Won Joong Model Post: 'An example of how someone with great style can be popular among the ladies even with his short height' Source: Instiz [1] "Truly a celebrity among celebrities." [2] "But it's not just because of GD's style.

I told G-Dragon that it feels like a dream that I am working with him, and he responded 'It is a dream,' which made me laugh."More about their collaboration can be found in the May issue.

nana komatsu is one of my favorite japanese models, and it's really nice to know that she's working her way getting noticed outside of japanese market too!

On the 30th last month, videos of G-dragon and Lee Ju-yeon were uploaded online.

The videos were filmed using ‘Kwai’, which is a new and popular app that people can use to make funny lip-sync videos.


  1. Gearing up all night until they will be dating. Big bangs g-dragon, after nine years of dating. Của lizzy like g dragon this why lot when.

  2. G-Dragon landed on the cover of 'Nylon Japan' with Japanese actress Nana Komatsu. The concept 'BOY≒GIRL Nearly Equal' is applied t

  3. G-dragon and former 'After School' member Lee Ju-yeon are involved in dating rumors after they posted similar photos on social media.

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