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I do believe people will say it is the same anywhere but, it is a FACT that the male have their ego's stroken because of the dynamics of this city and that will effect couple life which will lead to the well beings of the children. Dont butt in if you cannot understand how people are looking for that helping hand or if you are confident please keep it to yourself and go ahead and think us as losers!!! i see it exactly as i said.i would be glad if you can correct me ?

isn't the OP looking to pay someone to solve their disputes??

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if you don't have an elder then find a common friend who can make you swallow that bitter pill by telling you what you are doing wrong.And, we did not want to tell our parents, especially my husband.He is trying to create a different kind of family and couple hood from what he saw and got from his parents as he cannot agree with it.Need recommendations for a sex therapist/couple counselor.My husband is American and I'm HK local, met in the US, get married and moved to HK.Can I just explain how we came to the counselor's office to give you an idea how people end up in the office?Unfortunately, both our parents live far away, plus, both of them come from different cultures which makes what you want to say more tougher and not sure if it was really understood.and i do that without a degree, what is your problem with that ?She is asking for contacts and not your opinion on what you think about counseling.She is not the reason we are no longer together, but both my ex and I agree we wasted that time with Nikki and we should have seen a proper counsellor with proper training and unviersity qualifications. She was doing marriage counseling to us so not quite sure about sex.She uses cognitive approaches if you are interested but, will never force it on you.


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  2. Mar 2, 2016. Where to go and what to expect from sexual health centres in Hong Kong. If you come from abroad, you might find it a bit more difficult to know what to. straight away for chlamydia and gonorrhoea and the nurse will chat to.

  3. Hong Kong Police Force - Home. Citizen Award. Technology Crime. Crime Prevention. Missing Person. Sexual Conviction Record Check. Licences and Permits.

  4. RainLily is Hong Kong's first one-stop rape crisis centre for female victims of sexual violence. Set up by the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against.

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