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And the good news is that on this stat, the Kindle Paperwhite is a perfect match for the more expensive but recently discontinued Voyage.

Both share a 1,072 x 1,448 E Ink Carta display, providing a sharp pixel density of 300ppi.

The 3G-enabled version goes for £170 with ads, or £180 without.

The competition is chiefly other Kindles and you can read more about the differences here, although I’ll touch on them briefly in the review later.

This super cheap version comes without 3G, meaning you need to buy your books over Wi Fi, and it will also include “special offers” on the lockscreen. To switch these off, you’ll need to add an extra tenner to the price, but they’re pretty harmless in my experience.

If you want a 3G-enabled version, the data is included as part of the package, and this allows you to download books in most of the places you’re likely to find yourself on holiday with your Kindle at no extra cost; well, except for the initial upfront fee which is a pretty steep increase.

It feels extremely well made, and you can twist and bend it without it sounding like it’ll break at any given moment.

In fact, that’s the key upgrade for the Paperwhite over the regular Kindle, which has no reading light built in. When the Paperwhite was first introduced, it came with an updated typesetting engine, which offered improved support for hyphenation, justification, kerning and ligatures, as well as drop caps.

But now that all the Kindles run the same software (including older models) that’s no longer a significant factor.

The rubberised back sits very comfortably in whichever hand you choose, and there aren’t any sharp edges or corners to prevent extended use.

Plus, there’s a front light for reading in dark conditions, so there’s no need to keep your partner awake if you’re a bed reader.


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