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Datinggames info

In any game of strategy the way to win is to identify the opponent’s weaknesses and exploit them.

In personal relationships this can take many forms.

Stringing someone along because you have nothing better going on; allowing them to think your feelings for them are deeper than they are; using them to get back at your ex or because you can’t bear to be without a date on a Saturday night are all bad tactics.

Unless you are being upfront about what it is you are doing then you are bluffing and using them and it will eventually backfire on you.

Guess who we’re playing with in today’s girls’ games?! Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis are supposed to be playing a show tonight, but some evil haters have kidnapped them and now they can’t escape!

Work your way through the maze in this free celebrity game to save the boys and you’re the biggest 1D fan around!

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The dating sims games featured on our website are for both genders.

Just use the arrows on your keyboard to move your red 1D icon around the maze to find each of the five boys, just like in online Pacman games - but watch out for the haters who will try and stop you! Whether you’re zany about Zayn, head-over-heels for Harry or nutty about Niall, you’ll love this free One Direction game!

Leave us a comment to tell us your high score, and come by the forums to chat about 1D and your favorite boybands or girl groups!

This is absolutely fine as long as you are open and upfront about it.

Most people will continue in this way until they meet someone they really connect with and after a few dates they become exclusive, letting the others down gently.


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