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Dating woman over 40

Don’t date to fill a hole in your life, but rather date to enhance your life.There’s a big difference in both how you feel about yourself and the type of guy you are likely to attract. Do you just want to meet some new people and have fun, or do you want a long-term relationship?Yes, one of the benefits of being single is that it allows you the space, time, and energy to focus on your career. Whether you’ve chosen to climb the corporate ladder, launch and build your own business, or found yourself dancing between the two in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, being single and successful makes you quite the catch.But here’s what it DOESN’T make you – a slave to your job.“I enjoy being alone now and enjoy it more than I did when I was younger.And it’s much easier when you get older to identify when you have a connection with someone and when you don’t.” Elke Koscher, in her 40s, agrees that the assuredness about what she wants at this phase of her life brings the benefit of a certain clarity to the dating process. I’m attracted to a man who is a whole person, who has his life together, and who I can have a conversation with on many levels.” Phillip Horge, 58, adds that knowing exactly what is most important to him in a relationship helps him avoid wasting time dating those who are not a match.

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You may have a few unpleasant dates, but you may also meet some really wonderful men. There are lots of dating sites out there, and you want to pick a reputable one.I’m looking for more substance than I might have in the past,” he says.Finding out early on if the other person is dating with the same intentions and goals as her own is key to Natasha Harp, 45.While in many ways it is, in other ways it can be vastly simpler.“At this stage in life, we would rather be alone for the right reasons than be together for the wrong,” says radio personality Bert Weiss, 50, of The Bert Show on Q100.In addition to the posts and articles I write, I offer individual and group life coaching sessions, classes and speaking engagement opportunities. Relationship coaching is crucial to figuring out what the next step is and how to get there.Whether you are a young woman and unsure of how to maintain a relationship or making the decision about marriage or a more seasoned woman who is at a crossroads in her relationship, Lisa will guide you through the steps you need to take to make the right relationship move for you.In today’s #Love Bombshell, I want you to get clear about WHERE you’re looking for love. Right in the middle of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, you also won’t find him while mindlessly channel surfing night after night on your couch. But you’re so freakin’ fabulous, I want you to get out into the real world this holiday season and start recognizing that good men are everywhere!From your company holiday party to the gift wrapping line at the mall, you never know where Mr. Your job is to live and love being single and ready to mingle this holiday season. However, if you’re a woman over forty who finds yourself single, may not be the only story in need of a major rewrite.Too often, single women bury themselves in work because they’re good at what they do, and because they can control that outcome.Whereas being single often feels like something you can’t control – a destiny you can’t seem to determine – focusing on work has tangible payoffs like more money, more visibility, more promotions, etc.


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