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Dan, a realtor who lives in Union Square, rarely goes on first dates on the weekend but says, “If there is a reasonable expectation of sex, I may devote a night.But my policy is that if there is an opportunity to hit the town with the fellas, I generally opt for that, as opposed to a date.Sarah, a UX/UI designer on the Upper East Side plans dates for Wednesday and Thursday, because a work week guarantees a cut off time.She prefers to spend Friday and Saturday nights out to avoid FOMO, and ideally wants to meet people IRL, rather than via dating apps.“On weeknights, people are much more respectful of time—a work obligation is always a valid excuse to skip out early.A first date on a weekend night definitely sets the tone for something a little more serious.

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"Look, I love what I do, and I'm aware of how lucky I am, but — how can I say this without sounding weird?I hesitate to say ‘play hard to get,’ but everyone’s time is valuable and guys need to earn it.”Jocelyn, a graduate student who lives in East Williamsburg, refuses to go on first dates on the weekend.“If I got asked out I would probably be embarrassed if I didn’t already have plans.” Kevin, a 20-something engineer, agrees.As a result, many singles feel uncomfortable giving up precious Friday and Saturday nights they could be spending among friends.The Observer spoke to singles to find out why spending a weekend with a stranger is far too much pressure.“ is a social no-no—as in you shouldn’t be giving up those nights for just anyone,” Anna said, explaining her roommates described it as “social suicide.” In the future, she said, “I wouldn’t mind giving up a nights.“It’s close enough to the weekend in that I’m not consumed with work, but still considered a week night, which makes things less formal and stressful,” she said.I’m more interested in finding the right person instead of just someone to date, and that first weekend date signifies an interest in commitment,” she said.When Stephanie was single, “ nights ‘in’ always seemed kind of weird and sad to me, so even though I usually didn’t have a date lined up, I’d make sure I was at least meeting up with other single friends at some point during the weekend,” she told us.Stephanie, a 25-year-old education program coordinator in Nashville, is currently in a relationship, but in the past she only dated on weekend nights.“A first date on the weekend seems to mean he’s willing to take the idea of dating you seriously.


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