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Dating leo woman taurus man

She cannot be bent to someone’s rules or needs and she will rarely be flexible for her partner’s irresponsible timing and any lack of respect. There is not much else you will need to trust her completely, because her big, warm, beating heart wouldn’t let down someone she loves.

When you climb high enough on her priority list, the truth will come as natural as day and night.

When this woman falls in love, her world starts to revolve around her partner.

It is often said that Leo is self-involved, but when it is a Leo woman, her Sun is in Leo and it often represents the man she loves rather than herself.

She wants to dance and spread the smell of joy, smiling and simply being happy.

She needs to feel the joy of life and forget about things that make her tired and sad at her workplace, or anywhere else.

She can be destructive, impose her opinions and make decisions that are not hers to make. The first believes in natural beauty and you can recognize this type because they never wear nail polish, makeup or dye their hair, and they dress in natural colors.It is important to understand that all Leo representatives are here to shine a light on things and make them clearer, not blur them or taint them with lies and deception. You could say she is high maintenance, but this really depends on her background and the way she was raised.She wants to be able to shine, to show herself with her new partner to the world.When it comes to sexuality, Leo woman is one of the most liberated women in the zodiac.She loves her body and the way she moves, and she usually won’t mind a couple of pounds over her usual weight or the underwear she wouldn’t exactly show off to enjoy sex.There is no reason for her to feel threatened or insecure, and although this can sometimes be the source of certain problems, usually it is quite refreshing for her partners.She understands sex as a natural part of life, and unless she has been badly hurt or shamed in her prior relationships, she will probably be confident, imaginative and creative. Too much commitment is always followed by too many expectations, and she can be extremely committed.The problem in understanding this woman comes from her fiery nature and her inability to keep her mouth shut and think things through. The sign of Leo is there to shine a light on us, and if that means facing us with things that are not so comfortable with, isn’t it a good thing?If you are not willing to stand up for yourself and let her show you what might need to be changed, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with this woman at all.She will give everything to this man, her heart, her Soul and body, without exception.Her love is warm and passionate, she will want to fight, make up, make love and be in someone’s embrace all they long, for as long as her personal liberty isn’t endangered.


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