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" I asked, hoping she'd tell me not to, since I enjoyed hearing salacious gossip and stories just as much as the next girl. After all, you were there when I suggested it to her, an' told her about me doin' the same, with Mike.

Don't be too surprised if she gets to askin' about our time in Hawaii, either.

She said she'd be here by , an' it's already twenty 'til." Both of us flew into action, making our preparations.

We finished, and the coffee had just finished brewing, when our guests arrived.

"It's a good thing they're down there, since Mindy's comin' out, this mornin'," she said.

An' – deep down under the rest of it – there was a real special lovin' feelin', too, that came from it bein' my son that I was takin' into manhood.

I don't look for 'em to be back at the house, much 'fore noon, an' Junior's girls are all over with Maggie, doin' some bakin', this mornin'. She knows why y'all're here, so go ahead an' tell me – did you an' Fred do what y'all were plannin' on doin'? "It took us both a couple o' weekends, 'cause o' our schedules, but we got it worked in.

I've had two different weekends with Bud, an' Missy's had a weekend an' yesterday, o' bein' with Fred.

I'll tell you, seein' that boy come out o' his shell an' blossom into bein' a full-blown man the way he did, that first weekend he an' I were together, damn near brought tears to my eyes on more'n one occasion!

" 'I hear you, Mindy," Mama chuckled, "an' I know just what you mean, 'cause I felt the same thing, those first couple o' days with Mike. " "We started things off, the Friday night o' Bud's birthday, an' I used your idea.


  1. Writer's Note If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous, and there might be difficulties.

  2. From the Mirror Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was last night accused of having a secret affair with a stunning blonde French rapper. The married Premiership manager, 61.

  3. The Intercourse with You trope as used in popular culture. Let's face it, there's only one thing every living person well, most people has on his or her.

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