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First you’ll want to move the photos from the subfolder into the parent folder, and then you’ll want to delete the (now empty) subfolder.More Detail: Of course, before setting out on this task I recommend making sure you have a full backup of all of your photos, just in case anything goes wrong during the process of consolidating images from subfolders.Here it is: Since I didn't have enough disk space to duplicate all the images, I used hardlinks.This essentially means you just create a new filename pointing to the same data on disk, without taking up extra data.Today’s Question: I find that I have created a sub-folder, I assume during import [into Lightroom], and I really did not want to.This is preventing me from changing the order of my photos.You will be asked for a confirmation that you want to move the photos on your hard drive, which you should of course confirm so that the move operation will proceed.Once the move operation has completed and the subfolder is empty, you can right-click on that subfolder and choose the Remove option.

Fortunately, a little experimentation showed that i Photo does not change the image files but stores this extra information in a separate database. The Imagemagick suite of tools comes with the identify program, which allows you to get a hash of just the image data.This was OK since i Photo stores images from different imports in different directories, but it meant that we couldn't just copy all the files into one directory and use the names to de-duplicate them.I wrote a simple program to iterate over all image & movie files in a directory and create a copy of each named after the MD5 hash of its content.For readers who have subscribed to my Grey Learning video training library ( you can view a video lesson of the process of consolidating folders in Lesson 10 of the course “Lightroom 5: Resolving Organizational Challenges”.This explains how I consolidated & de-duped about 45,000 pictures and movies from four i Photo libraries on two different machines and various directories full of images on USB drives into one 33,000 file library.My approach would thus mean that we would lose stars & face tags, but we considered this an acceptable trade off. This would allow us to find more duplicates, even if the EXIF information had been edited; however it runs much, much slower than just using MD5 so I chose not to use it.Consolidating and de-duping the libraries would be worth it. One worry I had was how to make sure I got hold of all the originals from i Photo.Can you tell me how to get rid of this sub-folder so I have a single folder?Tim’s Quick Answer: Cleaning up a folder structure that includes unwanted subfolders is a two-step process.And even if I could get that to work I didn't have the space to copy all the images into one giant library and let i Photo sort it out. One problem was that the same picture would exist with different file names, probably due to being imported from devices into multiple different i Photo libraries or to being exported & then imported again in the aforementioned failed consolidation attempt.We also had different images existing with the same name, due to the counter on the camera looping around.


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  2. I've had a referenced library of photos in Aperture for years, but after moving to Photos 2.0 on Sierra, I wanted to consolidate them so they.

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  4. For the record, although I was reluctant to try it at first, what eventually solved my problem, was to. relocate all files into the Aperture library.

  5. We had about 25,000 photos in one library from a previous unsuccessful attempt at consolidating libraries. We had two further libraries containing about.

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