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Should the parish subsequently file an Annual Parochial Report showing Total Operating Revenues differing from that used in the computation, the Finance Committee shall adjust the required contribution to the Budget of the Diocese, as appropriate. For most parishes, the ten-percent minimum will be an appropriate fair share.

For some parishes an appropriate fair-share may be a voluntary contribution of more than ten-percent.

The Assessment Appeal Board shall meet with representatives of the parish filing an appeal.

These Commissions will assist the parish leadership in developing a plan to enhance stewardship and enable the parish to increase its giving to the ten-percent minimum. In the event that annual contributions from any parish fall short of the minimum ten-percent or the reduced amount set by the Assessment Appeal Board, at the next Annual Council of the Diocese the cleric and lay delegates of that parish will be denied vote on all matters of business and denied voice regarding matters related to finance or the expenditure of diocesan funds.

In addition, such parishes shall not call any assistant or associate clergy, nor fill vacancies for such clergy.

In the second successive year of not contributing the fair-share amount, any such parish shall, by operation of this canon, have its status changed to that of an Aided Parish of this Diocese. The Assessment Appeal Board shall consist of three lay and three cleric members.

After such review, the Assessment Appeal Board may reduce the percentage of the assessment for that parish for that year or affirm that ten percent is a minimum assessment.

Such decision, and the reasons therefore, shall be communicated in writing to the Rector (or Vicar) and Senior Warden, the Bishop, Executive Board, and the Director of Finance of the Diocese.


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