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I happen to be in a single stage of life, but in no way is “singleness” a core part of my identity. I know too many women who have lost sight of their identity as a follower of Christ because the identity of “wife” and “mom” became all-consuming in their lives.We do a disservice to single people when we make “singleness” the most important part of their identity and send them out to be only with other singles, as if they were a leper being sent to a leper colony.Paul writes in 1 Corinthians –35 that it is better to be single because a person’s attention is undivided in serving God.This, too, is the perspective that having single people in a small group can bring.As I entered my thirties, more and more of my friends were married and I found myself trying to balance relationships with both married and single friends. Because I was leaving to work at another church, it also meant connecting with a new small group.

We need to intentionally integrate singles into ministries—especially small groups.My parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews live far away, and when my small group invites me to kid birthday parties, it’s an invitation to experience a beautiful slice of life that I often miss.The New Testament uses family as the primary image when talking about church for good reason.It’s a season where nothing holds me back from chasing my dreams, and my schedule and finances truly are my own to do whatever I want.As much as popular culture wants to tell me that I’m living the dream, though, wisdom tells me there’s more to life.Have you ever considered that a significant portion of the teaching that you’ve built your life upon has come from people who would check “single” for their marital status?Jesus and Paul were both single, and between the life and teachings of Jesus (all four Gospels), and the life and teachings of Paul (half of Acts and the majority of the epistles), most of the New Testament comes from people who were never married.Not only have they successfully found, dated, and married their spouse, but they also share both the male and female perspective—something I miss when I’m only around other single women.Being invited into a family is also an incredible gift to singles, particularly if they live far from their own family.When I was in my twenties, almost every small group I was part of consisted of single people also in their twenties or early thirties.While this was a fun stage of life to walk through with other singles, it was also a season with a lot of transition.


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  2. Mar 23, 2012. Here's how to apply God's Word to dating, finding a spouse and getting married. If you're a Christian, that's the biblical life you're called to. time spent in group activities or with other people the couple knows well. Modern.

  3. Jun 1, 2016. I didn't mean to join a group of married couples, but I've learned a lot. It's easy for single people to sit around with other single people and give dating advice, but there's a reason Jesus. Christian Bible Studies Weekly.

  4. Apr 15, 2009. Topical studies are great for honing in on what the Bible says about a particular issue. However, nothing beats studying an entire book of the.

  5. Jan 25, 2010. With that in mind, here's a look at the 10 Bible studies that people like. marriage will be a strong one—and a wise couple will not leave God at.

  6. Bible studies for couples may be held at church with a group, online or privately. A Bible study on the topic of dating or courting would include studying the. According to Dave Ramsey, a leading Christian debt adviser, "God has given us.

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