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One more thing: These allegations may seem like they emerged out of nowhere, but Sartorius was involved in a similar controversy in 2016.

According to screenshots captured by a then-13-year-old Sartorius slid into a fan's Facebook DMs and pressured her for naked photos.

Apparently, Brown and Sartorius aren't big fans because the couple had some sly beef with the "No Tears Left to Cry" singer that you may have missed if you haven't brushed up on your social media detective skills.

In May of 2018, Brown posted an Instagram photo of her and Sartorius locking lips (making the rest of us feel like our teenage selves should have starred in ) The caption read, "Moonlight with him." (Um, where are her parents?

Though Brown allegedly met Sartorius in October of 2017, the tea started to spill three months later when fans noticed Brown had liked one of his tweets.

The tweet said, "Just another day w [] you on my mind." A couple days later, Brown posted a photo holding a giant teddy bear with the caption "Thanks for the bear" and a red heart emoji.

Fans are mixed about this tumultuous union, and watching the couple's relationship unfold kind of makes us glad we didn't have Instagram at that age.

Sartorius then replied "[Of] course" with another heart emoji — and there it was.

That was official enough for fans — who had plenty to say about it on Twitter. Others claimed the relationship felt like an episode of Grown adults everywhere are cringing at the idea of enduring another disastrous Tinder date. Then there's Brown, who's barely old enough to attend high school yet spends her time jet-setting to extravagant vacations with her boyfriend.

At an age where most of us were struggling with acne and buying our makeup at Claire's, Brown was featured in Calvin Klein campaigns.

Needles to say, the young star can probably snag any high school crush her teenage heart desires — and her teenage heart chose Jacob Sartorius. He's a tween Vine star-turned-teen pop star who's already broken Brown's heart once.


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