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What I really wanted was to land back on my feet and start conquering the world again.Writing about this is a little weird for me because it’s really personal (and I am a private person in general), but I think it’s worthwhile for people to be frank about this sort of thing.Moreover, sexuality in relationships is a complex thing.I mean, to be blunt, guys have a whole spectrum of things they like that get them turned on.

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On the eve of retirement, Kirk and Mc Coy are charged with assassinating the Klingon High Chancellor and imprisoned.

In the reel, He is shown taking it off, while an off-screen voice says "You wanted show business, you got it!

" See more » The original Trek series established, within it's brief 3-year span, the panorama of an ever-expanding Federation of planets & civilizations, of which Earth was, in the 23rd century, a founding member (tho the audience never saw Earth during this run, except in time travel stories back to our 20th century).

When he does give in, he just doesn’t seem that into it.

I just don’t know, I mean, I thought guys were always supposed to be up for sex no matter what. I just feel like such an idiot every time my own boyfriend shuts me down. In this case, I think it has a lot to do with him being laid off.


  1. I should mention that he recently got laid off and is obviously having a hard time with that. I just don’t know, I mean, I thought guys were always supposed to be up for sex no

  2. A 1960's sci-fi action adventure series set in the 23rd century based around the crew of the USS Enterprise, representing the United Federation of Planets including earth on a five-year mission in outer space to explore new worlds, seek new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

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