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Chat arabic online x

Now, here's something different, not new, but in different languages, which you can use to wow your friends.Thais are also updated when it comes to netspeak or chatspeak.But you can regularly see it used in many forums, messages and chat rooms. The expression means that someone was so overwhelmed by whatever emotion he or she is feeling at the moment and almost unable to handle it.Internet speak is so rich and constantly evolving, it is difficult to keep up with it.But the Internet is not the only source of these new acronyms, phrases, words and abbreviations.

This is because the pronunciation of the number 5 is similar to ''ha'' or the letter ''h'' therefore typing three 5s in succession is like saying ''hahaha.'' Your Portuguese friend might be typing SQN, which translates to .

In Germany, the reply now is a simple ''g.'' In the German language, this is their symbol for that stands for "sorry.'' There are some technological limitations for languages that are not written using the Latin alphabet but as they say, things are invented out of necessity.

Therefore, it brought forth the Arabic Chat Alphabet, also called Franco-Arabic, Arabish or Arabizi, where they are able to write some Arabic words quickly by combining Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals. There's some haziness in the usage, but you get the idea.

When you go online, chat with friends and join forums, you might have encountered a number of acronyms and abbreviations that make you scratch your head in trying to figure out what they mean.

These are called Internet slang, chatspeak, netspeak, cyber slang or Internet shorthand.


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