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Ae dating software updating symantec

The nicotine absorbed by a smoker reaches the brain via blood.

This leads to numerous chemical reactions in the brain and causes feeling of high. Once the nicotine level declines, there is no longer the high-feeling.

Bad breath is because the nicotine, tar and other chemicals in tobacco get deposited in your oral cavity.

The chemicals in tobacco drastically reduce the formation of saliva in your mouth, causing dry mouth, thus leading to the growth of odor causing bacteria.•Stained teeth: When you smoke or chew tobacco, the chemicals like tar, nicotine and others burn and undergo chemical reaction producing sticky substances.

Harmful effects: Tobacco harms every organ of the body.

It affects lungs, heart, kidneys, digestive system, liver, eyes and many other vital organs in the body.

Also 'passive smoking' or 'secondhand smoking' harms non-smokers. When inhaled by non-smokers in the smoker's proximity, it causes coughing, phlegm and decline in the functionality of the lungs.Increased risk of heart diseases: There is increased risk of heart diseases in the long-term due to nicotine addiction.Nicotine causes narrowing down of the blood canals.When Cilia becomes defunct, harmful particles like dust, the chemicals from tobacco, etc. Over a period of time, the body removes the accumulation of these foreign substances by coughing.Thus, the smoker suffers from heavy cough.•Increased heart rate and blood pressure: Nicotine causes increased heart rate and blood pressure.When glucose levels are present in higher levels than required in blood, it may cause harm to the heart and kidneys.May lead to cancer: Nicotine as a causative substance of cancer is debatable.The abuse of nicotine also has immediate effects on oral cavity which causes bad breath and staining of teeth.In severe cases, it may also lead to oral cancer.•Bad breath: Smoking tobacco or chewing tobacco causes severe bad breath in the individual.Studies show that it can cause heart diseases even among non-smokers who are subjected to secondhand smoking.Addictive effects: Nicotine is absorbed into the body when an individual smokes or chews tobacco. This is the principal reason for nicotine causing addiction.


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