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Advice coach info dating site best online dating system

You are absolutely guaranteed to learn everything you need to launch and run your very own successful Date Coaching business!

During your training, you are welcome to reach out with any questions you have.

Christine has worked with over 200 media outlets providing expertise on dating and relationships.

These include interviews with City TV, CTV, Much Music, Global TV, Elle Magazine, The Huffington Post, Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star and as the featured expert on Cosmo TV’s, Love Trap.

She created Hart Coaching Academy and has now certified almost 20 coaches who are loving their business!

James Preece, influencer and celebrity dating guru, is an expert in online dating involved in getting singles together through matchmaking and single parties.

Christine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies from the University of Calgary.

She is a graduate of the Mastery and Leadership Program at PAX Programs in California and is a Gender Intelligence Specialist.

Having known Hayley I really do think she has the skillset to coach men and create this change.” “Hayley’s course Attraction Loophole got me my first girlfriend – we are still friends today!

I used the Fail proof Approach program and I approached women until I got sick of it!


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