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8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter quotes

She hid it well enough..though I always felt less than excepted by her ... Then she tried to turn our child against me..love her more.Essentially, she tried to steal my first born like I stole her first born. " There is SO much more to our story...including that she filled out a credit card application as my husband's wife and put ,000 on it before we knew anything.I was looking for solutions and maybe some understanding.Maybe someone would be in a similar situation and know what to do.I remember seething on the inside (not because of her gift to me, but to hear how much she spends on her mother ..father too) and smiling at her while saying something like..that is so thoughtful of you, I'm sure your mom really likes that.BTW my parents have been gone for over 30 years, so I have no Mom to buy for..to buy for me.. I have gone out of my way to be nice to her and to praise her.I try to keep my mouth shut and never offer advice, but in a normal conversation with any of my friends giving suggestions to each other about how to do things is just normal conversation...i.e. That's just normal conversation, but with my DIL I have to try very hard not to say anything like that..can understand how difficult conversations with her can be...I end up just smiling a lot and say ..wow, oh now, oh gee..

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Her hair style is dirty hair pulled back in a pony tail.She also gave her mom a credit card to use at one of her favorite stores and she pays it for her (her parents are not in need of financial help)...son still does not know this.Her gift to me that year was a set of two soup bowls.She doesn't lift a finger when she's at our house for dinner.Her plate sits on the table until my husband or I remove it after she has left the room to go watch TV) I made comments previously in my original post about her feeling toward my cooking and recipes, etc.I praise her for meals she prepared for us as a family (probably only 5 in the 8-9 years she and my son have been together) even though they are served cold, just sort of plopped in pots on the counter or stove to serve yourself without serving spoons, with food spilled on the counters and stove and not cleaned up as she cooked.Basically, she's a terrible cook and doesn't care..I offered to help at first and I quickly realized she didn't want any help from me...either with preparation or clean-up afterwards.BTW...there is no clean-up afterwards, food just sits everywhere for hours after a meal and her plate sits on the table where she left it.Husband, son, and I take our plates to the kitchen.She would be at every game soaking up the compliments.She enjoyed this so much that she didn't stop the coaches from making him play basketball when he had two fractured ankles or stay in the football game after having to be revived with smelling salts.


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