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It seems that there were several attempts to bring Locke to the island during his childhood and adolescence.Perhaps this was why Roger Linus was recruited to work for the Dharma Initiative—as a way to bring young Ben to the island.The Abbadon segment seems to refute this idea because Locke probably wouldn't have ended up on the island if Abbadon hadn't wooed him with walkabout tales. Regardless, Locke's connection to the island is strengthened through the backstory segments and fully realized in this episode's on-island scenes. When we last saw Locke on the island, he was trekking through the jungle with Hurley and Ben in search of Jacob's frisky cabin.Or, maybe Locke's destiny made his eventual presence on the island a certainty, but there were multiple ways he could have arrived, and Oceanic 815 was just one of them. The journey continues through much of this episode, but along the way we see/learn/encounter the following: Thanks Mac for the great review as always! Ben’s mom died immediately after his birth, living only long enough to name him.Ray's body to appear before he's killed on the freighter) or if the position of the freighter -- or the island, for that matter -- can cause fluctuations in time.I suppose it's possible that the freighter could be ahead of island time while in one position, then it could drift elsewhere and fall into the past.

It would take a long time for the doc's body to drift to the island, how far off shore is the freighter now? if Jack didn't, as usual, come to the exact wrong conclusion.

Maybe they were in the bushes, checking out the beach combers either before or after the Alex/Danielle/and can't remember his name right now ambush.

(My timeline of events is really screwed up this morning..night's episode sent my timeline of most of the events of this show into kaos.) Anyways, I think that is what he said.

In the backstory, we see that the island crossed paths with Locke at four points in his past: So let's parse all this backstory stuff: I'm far too simpleminded to wrap my head around the time-travel permutations, but I do wonder if the Alpert and Abbadon visits always happened.

Was Alpert actually at Locke's birth, or did he use the island's time travel pod (or door or sled or whatever it might be) to zip back to Locke's birth after Locke crashed on the island?


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